Sustainable holiday

Our Holiday Flats help make the world greener and cleaner. We’ll tell you how in a moment and also explain how you too can play your part in helping us to care for the environment.

We decided to run our business using renewable energy and to do so in different ways with:

  • Solar Thermal Energy to produce hot water
  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy to produce electricity
  • Recycling rainwater to flush toilets and for irrigation

Solar thermal energy allows us to reduce the amount of CO2 produced by approx. 2000 Kg a year.
Photovoltaic Solar Energy reduces the amount of CO2 produced by approx. 1400 Kg a year.

This means we have reduced our production of CO2 by around 3400 Kg a year

We are delighted with this amazing result and would invite you to help us respect the environment by:

  • Reducing the consumption of water by avoiding waste
  • Remembering to turn the lights out behind you
  • Using towels sensibly as washing them uses an enormous amount of water. We would ask therefore, that you throw them on the floor when you want them changed, but otherwise hang them up and reuse them. This means we can save 10 litres of water on every towel change avoided.

Thank you!
Paolo Turrini
Le Coste Casa Vacanze

Bed and breakfast Botrona

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